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Electrical Exam Preparation

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

It may be no shock (pun intended) to many electrical professionals that the electrical construction industry is about ready to hit a BOOM in 2021. The GDP is at 33% and the building industry is tired of this COVID-19 plague that has caused a temporary slow down in our traditional building economy. However, this presents an amazing time in our electrical industry for apprentices and journeyman electricians to think about taking their GAME to the next level.

Now, when I say "Next Level" I mean licensure. It is my opinion that every individual who is working within the electrical industry should be licensed in some form or fashion. I believe those folks working as apprentices should always have their eye on the prize which is to become a licensed electrician and then to the pinnacle of this profession, which is becoming a Master Electrician and/or Electrical Contractor.

Sadly many apprentices and journeyman level electrical workers get complacent and do not really know how to move properly towards a career goal. This was the primary reason that in 2014 we founded the Electrical Code Academy, Inc. The mission of ECA, Inc. was to show a structured path to trade licensure while helping the students learn the vital attributes of the National Electrical Code (NEC) on that focused journey.

Every license in the county has a detailed path to licensure. The path for electricians will always lead to an electrical code based entrance exam called the "licensing" exam. Every state is different yet they all have one common attribute, they have an exam that is based on the National Electrical Code. This is where WE come in - Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is the industry leader on electrical exam preparation. We combine an extensive LMS (Learning Management System) with videos, competency review exams, practice exams, webinars, and final exams that are key to not only learning the National Electrical Code but also to retain it for ensure your future success.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. has build a program call the "Fast Trax™". This program is unique because it directly links you to one of the leading electrical professionals in the industry, Paul Abernathy, who happens to sit on the National Electrical Code Making Panels 5 and 17, as well as provides a detailed step by step plan for your complete success. Getting that license has to be a mission, a passion, and a focus and the Fast Trax™ program can give you the best chance at all of those key directives.

Passing an electrical exam takes patience and dedication. The National Electrical Code is a complex document of safety rules that are designed to protect persons and property from the hazards that arise with the use of electricity. Knowing the National Electrical Code is critical to your success even after you pass your exam. We only get paid to do an installation one time so making sure it is done correctly and safely is critical to the electricians long term success.

For more information on our Electrical Exam Preparation or Electrical Exam Prep programs or any of our other electrical training courses please visit or for more information.

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