Compressed Electrical Exam Preparation Course
Introducing a condensed exam preparation course for experienced users of the NEC®. The Fast Trax™ course is designed to focus on electrical calculations and a collection of exam prep exams and quizzes to help you better learn and navigate the National Electrical Code®

Introducing Electrical Exam FAST TRAX™ Exam Preparation Course by Electrical Code Academy, Inc. this is a self-paced course designed to help electricians pass their electrical exam by increasing your National Electrical Code knowledge [NEC] look-up speed while also teaching basic load calculations used in the National Electrical Code®

Fast Trax™ Electrical Exam Preparation

The student will work online in the STUDENT PORTAL at their own pace with access to the course is 12 months


  • One-Family Dwellings- Specific Details, Load Calculations, Services & Equipment

  • Multi-family Dwellings - General Provisions, Load Calculations.

  • Commercial Locations - General Provisions, Non-Dwelling Load Calculations, Service, Feeders, and Equipment.

  • Understanding the National Electrical Code® Index- TIPS

  • Includes Over 17 Unit Competency Exams, 5 Timed Section Exams, 20 Practice Exams, and 3 Timed Final Electrical Exams Included. - Massive Database of questions to help students learn to navigate and answer typical exam-style questions.

  • All Competency Exams are graded by Mr. Abernathy himself as he gives you feedback on your answers where necessary to better understand the National Electrical Code.

Now it also includes our famous.....Weekly Exam Prep LIVE STREAM as part of all the Fast Trax™ Programs. Every Wednesday Night at 7:00 PM CST.

PS: Don't Forget Your P-TABS to index your 2020 National Electrical Code

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2017 FAST TRAX™ Course - $ 350.00

2020 FAST TRAX™ Course - $ 375.00

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Notice: This is a Self-Paced Course



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