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Next Webinar - 5/22/2021 @ 1:00 PM CST

The Electricians Academy Seminars

Welcome to The Electricians Academy Seminar Series sponsored by Electrical Code Academy, Inc.  We are excited to bring together this series of seminars to help all licensed electricians gain a better understanding of the electrical industry and the many aspects that make this industry so fascinating.

SEMINAR DATE: 5/22/2021 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM CST (2-Hours)

SEMINAR TOPIC:  Understanding Feeder Taps & Secondary Conductor Rules 

Summary: The Essential Electrical webinar will cover the specific rules associated with feeder taps per 240.21(B) and the secondary conductor rules for transformers per 240.21(C). These rules for years have confused electricians which makes this webinar essential. If you know how to apply these rules you can resolve many issues in an installation.

$25.00 - Limited Seats



NOTE: LOG IN INFORMATION will be sent to the same e-mail address associated with your payment. Your access code, via email, will arrive approximately 24-hours before the webinar. Be sure you check your SPAM FOLDER within 24 hours of the webinar date.

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