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Next Generation Learning

We are enthusiastic about the future of electrical education. The development of technology and electronics has always been a fascinating subject, and with the rapid advancements being made in this field, it is now more important than ever to make sure our students are getting a comprehensive understanding of it. Electrical training is an area that can open a wide variety of intriguing career paths and opportunities, so providing quality educational resources to our next generation of electrical professionals is essential for the success of society as a whole.

An advanced electrical training platform called Fast Trax® Tube will revolutionize the way electricians are learning and stay up-to-date on electrical code. The platform offers a variety of training modules for electricians to choose from, ranging from basic safety and troubleshooting techniques to more advanced topics such as National Electrical Code (NEC) compliance and installation practices. This comprehensive collection of courses/videos allows users to quickly gain an understanding of the latest changes in electrical codes and best practices, giving them a competitive edge in the industry.

Online learning has become increasingly popular over the years, and soon electrical code training will be available through our new Fast Trax® Tube portal! Our site offers both free videos and exclusive paid videos for an array of topics related to electrical code, along with other electrical-related content. We understand that individuals may be looking for a quick refresher or full-fledged education; therefore, we have both options depending on your needs.

Our free videos cover the basics of electrical code and provide real-world examples to help you understand the fundamentals. If you are looking for more in-depth knowledge, our exclusive paid videos offer step-by-step instructions with detailed analysis of electrical codes and their effect on the electrical installation. Each video is broken down into easy-to-follow segments that make it simple to learn complex information quickly and effectively. With these resources, we are confident that you will gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of electrical codes.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is committed to expanding electrical training to everyone. In Fact, the educational platform will offer scholarships to those in financial hardship so they can also continue to learn the National Electrical Code.

We strive to offer an extensive selection of courses that can help you fulfill your certification goals, no matter what level of electrical knowledge you possess. Whether you’re an amateur or a veteran, our robust library of courses will have something for everyone’s needs.

Let's look at the design of this video-specific portal. The robust design has headers that easily allow you to see videos, podcasts, and video series. Once you register an account you will unlock the other features, such as Playlist, History and so much more. There are two navigation panels to choose from. one does the core site and the other (side menu) is your unique pages dedicated to your account. For example, any videos you Like and Subscribe to but also to see your own content you may share on the channel. This platform is being designed for YOU.

Clicking on the "VIDEOS" link will open up the free videos available to you as seen in the associated image below. When the platform is finalized in mid-2023 you will also have

links to Pay-Per-View videos as well. There will also be a companion APP as well in late 2023 that will work in conjunction with the new video-centric platform.

Clicking on the "PODCASTS" link will open up the free podcasts (with 30-second commercials, hence it's free) available to you as seen in the associated image below.

Our team is excited about all the possibilities this new platform holds; providing quality education in electrical codes is just the beginning! With us, you can receive comprehensive instruction at your own pace without any worry or hassle.

Unlike anything we have done in the past, this new platform is OPEN to all electrical educators to come and share their content. The only criterion is the content has to be free and not require any future subscription or solicitation of purchase. If a partner wants to help educate others they will be added to the partnership and their videos can be monetized if desired.

The new Electrical Code Academy, Inc. studio is coming along nicely and it will give us the ability to create engaging and dynamic content that is hyper-focused on the National Electrical Code and electrical education. We have been doing this for over 32 years and we are excited about the next 32 years. We hope you will take this journey with us as we embark on , our Next Generation Video Platform.

Please BOOKMARK this BLOG as we will be adding UPDATES to this page as we progress from the "Sandbox" stage to the eventual launch in 2023. Keep Checking Back Often!!!

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