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Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is extremely proud to offer our full curriculum of electrical educational training programs. We offer everything from National Electrical Code [NEC] related Fast Trax™ Electrical Exam Preparation , Basic Electricity 101Residential Electrical Wiring, Commercial Electrical Wiring, Industrial Electrical Wiring, Motor Control Circuits, Grounding and Bonding, and even the most comprehensive Electrical Exam Preparation Questions Programs. Our mission in 2016 was to bring top-notch, full curriculum style educational training programs at affordable prices. In 2019, we achieved an electrical milestone by helping over 30,000 students achieve their dreams of higher electrical code and installation knowledge for all phases of the electrical system. In 2020, our mission continues to strive to offer the most affordable, online electrical education experience in the WORLD.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. isn't your normal electrical academy. We PROMISE your online experience in our programs will be like no other you have ever experienced. Our robust LMS Grading System and Student Tracker ensure total success.

Special Announcement

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is proud to offer our revamped new affordable pricing structure. Along with the slashing of prices, we have added a few more exciting new electrical educational programs for 2020. 

If you are studying for an electrical exam and wondering what the BEST SYSTEM ON THE PLANET is that can help you learn the National Electrical Code® and ultimately pass your electrical exams then look no further than our FAST TRAX™ Exam Prep & NEC® Learning Program. For more information on this GROUNDBREAKING, 100% Online and Interactive Course with access to our over 800 Exam Question Database then CLICK HERE for more information.

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LIVE Webinar - 4/4/2020 1:00 PM CST

TOPIC: Chapter 3 Wiring Methods - Uses Permitted and Uses Not Permitted - Bring Your Wiring Method Questions.


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* NOTICE: NEC or National Electrical Code are Registered Trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association and are used for educational purposes only. We are not associated or affiliated with the NFPA, also known as the National Fire Protection Association. Electrical Code Academy,Inc. doesn't offer codes and standards publications or software on the NEC, NFPA70 or the National Electrical Code. Electrical Code Academy, Inc. provides educational and motivational speaking, education and consulting services on how to use, apply and interpret the National Electrical Code. The use of the phrase Master The NEC is for educational purposes only and in no way represents a relationship with the NFPA.
Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® and CMECP® are Federally Protected Trademark of Electrical Code Academy, Inc.

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