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The Electrician Study Hub


This Electrician Study Hub has been set up to help Apprentice Electricians, those students who are learning the National Electrical Code as part of their newly chosen profession. The Electrician Study Hub also benefits the Journeyman Electrician and Master Electrician. They are preparing for a state-specific electrical exam or simply improving on knowledge of the National Electrical Code.

This Electrician Study Hub will be updated continuously to bring the best electrical content for those seeking to learn the National Electrical Code.

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2017 or 2020 NEC

Notice: This is a Self-Paced Course - DO NOT BUY this
course if you are testing within 60 Days. We are NOT a crash course program.

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Our Founders Philosophy for Electrical Exam Preparation 

Study with Purpose and a Proven Plan.

If your intended study plan is simply flipping through the NEC®, watching some DVDs that are not geared to teaching the NEC® but rather giving an author's opinion on the NEC® then you will struggle. You have to pick a Study Plan that is geared to success. You have to study with a purpose and study in chronological order with how the NEC flows to have the best chance at that success. 

Watching videos without actually doing practice exams and competency reviews will leave you stranded when the stress happens during an actual exam. This is why we created the NEC® Learning System called Fast Trax®.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. has built a program called the "Fast Trax®". This program is unique because it directly links you to one of the leading electrical professionals in the industry, Paul Abernathy, who happens to sit on the National Electrical Code Making Panels 5 and 17, as well as provides a detailed step by step plan for your complete success. Getting that license has to be a mission, a passion, and a focus and the Fast Trax® program can give you the best chance at all of those key directives.

Passing an electrical exam takes patience and dedication. The National Electrical Code® is a complex document of safety rules that are designed to protect persons and property from the hazards that arise with the use of electricity. Knowing the National Electrical Code® is critical to your success even after you pass your exam. We only get paid to do an installation one time so making sure it is done correctly and safely is critical to the electrician's long-term success.

For more information on our Electrical Exam Preparation or Electrical Exam Prep programs or any of our other electrical training courses please visit or for more information. Also watch our DEMO video below as well.

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