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Licensed Categories for Electricians

  • Journeyman Electrician

  • Journeyman Power Lineman

  • Electrical Administrator

  • Electrical Contractor

Licenses Issued By: Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Apprenticeship License: Required

Requirements to Take the Licensing Exam

Journeyman Electrician: Must complete 8,000 hours of work through a registered apprenticeship program. This must include a minimum of 6,000 hours of commercial or industrial work, while the rest can be any combination of residential experience, work as a power lineman, and classroom study at an institution of higher learning. Someone can qualify to take an exam to become a residential electrician exclusively if they have 4,000 hours of work in that specialty, which can include no more than 500 hours of classroom instruction.

Journeyman Power Lineman: Will need 8,000 hours of work experience as an apprentice lineman. However, candidates can reduce that experience requirement by up to 2,000 hours, by substituting a maximum of 1,000 hours of classroom instruction and 1,000 of working experience as an electrician.

Electrical Administrator: Electrical administrators can take licensing exams in one of six specialties:

  • Unlimited Commercial Wiring

  • Inside Communications

  • Residential Wiring

  • Outside Communications

  • Controls and Control Wiring

  • Unlimited Line Work Outside

Within each specialty, they must have at least four years of work experience as a journeyman electrician or power lineman, and some experience in electrical construction management. They must also have an electrical engineering degree plus actual work experience in the electrical engineering field. As an alternative, they can forego the electrical engineering requirements, if they’ve worked as a certified electrical inspector and as an instructor in the electrical department of an institution of higher learning. They must also have a two-year or four-year degree that somehow relates to their specialty in the electrical industry.

Electrical Contractor: To be become licensed as an independent electrical contractor in Alaska, a candidate must either be licensed as an electrical administrator or hire someone who carries such a designation to assume a supervisory role for the company.


We know the importance of getting your electrical license and expanding your electrical opportunities.
In fact, the Electrical Exam Preparation Course you are about to read about is REVOLUTIONIZING the way students study and absorb the National Electrical Code® to ensure the highest level of assurance to your success on your electrical exam. 
So we have some questions to ask you.
  • Are you looking for a structured study plan with proven methods of success?
  • Have you realized that studying on your own leaves you not really knowing what to expect on the actual electrical exam and consuming a lot of wasted time?
  • Do you desire someone who is an Industry Expert, a proven leader in the electrical code world, in teaching and explaining the National Electrical Code as your mentor and guide while you study the lessons in a structured program?
If YES to any of the above then we are proud to introduce you to the  Fast Trax NEC® Learning System. The most interactive, graphic latent, content specific driven program ever conceived for studying the National Electrical Code.

The FAST TRAX NEC® Learning System

So you are probably asking "How does the program work?" - Great Question since we are always excited to explain the program because it was built by electricians for electricians. When you enroll in the program you are provided with your own unique interactive Campus Console. You will have unlimited 365/24/7 access to the program. In fact, we will also recommend a proper study plan for you based on our proven 60 or 90 Day Study Plans that yield the best success rates, being over 98% when followed.
The Fast Trax® Program starts you at the beginning where you learn all the basics of the National Electrical Code®.  As you move from Unit to Unit each lesson will get gradually harder as naturally, the NEC® gets harder the more detailed you get in your examination. However, don't worry as our program offers industry-leading graphics with illustrated call-outs and detailed explanations of every aspect of the course material.
What about Calculations? - Our Fast Trax® Program offers the industries "Exclusive" integrated worksheets that you can print out and use to help solve all the intricate calculations for electrical exam preparation as covered in the program. In fact, this course will teach you step-by-step calculations for branch circuits, feeders, and services as they relate to One and Two Family Dwelling, MultiFamily Dwellings, Commercial, and so much more in both the Standard and Optional Methods. If you struggle with calculations this course is designed just for you.
What makes the Fast Trax® NEC® Learning System so special?
  • Over 1,200 NEC Related Question & Answer Database.
  • Lowest Cost for a proven Electrical Exam Prep by Industry Experts - Not Just DVD's and a Book.
  • Industry Leading Illustrations with specific code call-outs.
  • Build-in FlashCard Feature - Limitless Interaction.
  • Competency Reviews for each UNIT graded by Electrical Industry Experts.
  • Featuring our exclusive "Ballistic Training Method" approach with Visual and Audible Interaction.
  • Exclusive Invitation to the  2-Hr weekly LIVE electrical exam preparation sessions on ZOOM.

How many sections or units are in the Fast Trax® NEC® Learning System and what does it cover?

There are (5) Sections broken down into the following (19) Units :

Section 1 - Foundational Provisions - Unit 1 - Introduction to the National Electrical Code, Unit 2 -Definitions,   Unit 3 - Boxes and Enclosures, Unit 4 - Cables, and Unit 5 - Raceways and Conductors. Within each of those units, you have the reading material, quizzes, competency review exams, and various videos.

Section 2 - One Family Dwellings - Unit 6 - General Provisions, Unit 7 - Special Provisions, Unit 8 - Calculations, Unit 9 - Services and Electrical Equipment. Within each of those units, you have the reading material, quizzes, competency review exams, and various videos.

Section 3 - MultiFamily Dwellings - Unit 10 - Comprehensive Provisions, Unit 11 - Calculations. Within each of those units, you have the reading material, quizzes, competency review exams, and various videos.

Section 4 - Commercial Locations - Unit 12 - General Provisions, Unit 13 - NonDwelling Load Calculations, Unit 14 - Services, Feeders, and Equipment. Within each of those units, you have the reading material, quizzes, competency review exams, and various videos.

Section 5- Special Occupancies, Areas, and Equipment - Unit 15 - Hazardous (Classified) Locations, Unit 16 -  Health Care, Unit 17 - Industrial Locations, Unit 18 - Special Occupancies,  Unit 19 - Special Equipment. Within each of those units, you have the reading material, quizzes, competency review exams, and various videos.

Are you interested in Passing Your Electrical Exam? Desire to no longer waste your time by studying without a proven plan, and need help from a NEC® Expert? Join Now!

Use our FAST online system below to order now.

*Once Ordered - Allow 3-5 Business Days to receive your course login and LMS Activation information via email.

2017 or 2020 NEC

Our Founders Philosophy for Electrical Exam Preparation 

Study with Purpose and a Proven Plan.

If your intended study plan is simply flipping through the NEC®, watching some DVDs that are not geared to teaching the NEC® but rather giving an author's opinion on the NEC® then you will struggle. You have to pick a Study Plan that is geared to success. You have to study with a purpose and study in chronological order with how the NEC flows to have the best chance at that success. 

Watching videos without actually doing practice exams and competency reviews will leave you stranded when the stress happens during an actual exam. This is why we created the NEC® Learning System called Fast Trax™.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. has built a program called the "Fast Trax™". This program is unique because it directly links you to one of the leading electrical professionals in the industry, Paul Abernathy, who happens to sit on the National Electrical Code Making Panels 5 and 17, as well as provides a detailed step by step plan for your complete success. Getting that license has to be a mission, a passion, and a focus and the Fast Trax™ program can give you the best chance at all of those key directives.

Passing an electrical exam takes patience and dedication. The National Electrical Code® is a complex document of safety rules that are designed to protect persons and property from the hazards that arise with the use of electricity. Knowing the National Electrical Code® is critical to your success even after you pass your exam. We only get paid to do an installation one time so making sure it is done correctly and safely is critical to the electrician's long-term success.

For more information on our Electrical Exam Preparation or Electrical Exam Prep programs or any of our other electrical training courses please visit or for more information. Also watch our DEMO video below as well.

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