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Electrical Code Knowledge Quiz | Study Quiz #4

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Welcome to the next generation of learning. We have put together a model of quizzes that are designed to be interactive with your use of the National Electrical Code. You will be presented with a question, you will study the question, and then when ready to answer the question you will click continue to answer the question. Since the question is one the screen PRIOR to submission you will be encouraged to take the time to research the question before you actually answer the question. You will also be asked to comment on the question so that you can explain what code reference you used to support your multiple choice answer. Step 1: Read The Question First. Step 2: Research The Answer In Your NEC, Where Applicable. Step 3: Grab Paper and Pen to write down answer and NEC reference. Step 4: Record Your Answer, Either A, B, C, or D Step 5: Record Your NEC Reference, Where Applicable. Step 6: Click "COMPLETE" and answer the QUIZ with your recorded information. This is called Quiz-Ology, where you Research, Answer, and Support your answers to electrical code related questions and stop blindly answering online quizzes that do not help you learn. Good LUCK - We will be WATCHING!

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