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2017 Update - Peninsular Countertop Receptacle Placement
Home Inspectors Edition - Understanding HVAC Labels
Smart MC Cable - How to terminate it and use it correctly
2017 Update -Changes to the 2017 NEC Chapters 1-4
Article 680, Part 1- Understanding Pools and Spas- General
Article 680, Part 3- Storable Pools and Spas
Article 680, Part 5- Fountains
Article 680, Part 7-Hydromassage Bathtubs
Section 250.122(F)(1) & (2) - Parallel EGC's Simplified
Service Equipment Bonding Basics
Single Phase Motors Calculations-( Exam Prep Series)
2017 Update -Explaining the Intersystem Bonding Rules
Fiction Buster- Facts about installing Type NM-B in Raceways
2017 Update - Understanding 110.14(D)....Torque Values
NEC Q & A Series - Get Answers !
Article 680, Part 2- Permanently Installed Pools
Article 680, Part 4- Hot Tubs  and Spas
Article 680, Part 6-Therapeutic Pools & Spas
Inspector Series - Inspecting An Electrical Panel
NEC 2017- The Five (5) New Articles Explained
Electrical Calculations- Ranges (Exam Prep Series)
Conductor & Overcurrent Sizing -( Exam Prep Series)