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Mastering Trademan Soft Skills 


What are soft skills?

While tradesmen are skilled at the technical aspect of business, they sometimes lack the ability to deal with customers or how to give the proper impression that fits our company model. Having "Soft Skills" is the ability to interact with the customer properly, set the first impression, retain the customer for the long haul, create a positive work environment by developing a set of coping skills that allow them to enhance the company as well as their own image in the industry.
We all know that a "First Impression" means everything in this world of bias and critical observant judgment. Your company can't afford to have tradesmen and service technicians giving a bad impression on your company. In fact, they may not even know they are doing it.
We have put together a short, yet powerful, a course that lays out the foundation to enhanced customer satisfaction as well as interoffice harmony.
Fact is - It doesn't matter how SKILLED you are if the first impression you give is not in line with your companies core objectives. You could have the best technicians in the world but the false impression they give could damage your companies image and sadly and unwittingly damage the employee's performance and ability to succeed or achieve greater goals and desires.
Electricians, Plumber, HVAC Mechanics, and Gas Fitters to name a few are blessed to work in trades that are going to be booming in the coming years. You simply can't afford to make sure everyone has the "Soft Skills" to match the technical skills. This course helps all tradesmen focus on the important skills necessary to keep the image of the company high and customer satisfaction at the peak of expectation.

The Trademan's Soft Skills Master Class

There are (7) Chapters:

Chapter 1 - Lesson 1 -The Halo Effect | Lesson 2 - Hygiene and Neatness | Lesson 3 - First Impressions 

Chapter 2 - Lesson 1 - Different Greeting Styles | Lesson 2 - Start Your Day on a Positive Note | Lesson 3 - Smiling and Eye Contact | Lesson 4 - The Constructive Diversion | Lesson 5 - Keeping the Door Open—When the Customer Is Wrong

Chapter 3 - Lesson 1 - What You See Isn’t Always What You Get | Lesson 2 - Customer Assumptions | Lesson 3 - Active Skepticism and a Proactive Stance | Lesson 4 - Personality and Process | Lesson 5 - Complacency and Personality | Lesson 6 - Congruency and the Community

Chapter 4 - Lesson 1 - The Culture within a Company | Lesson 2 - Culture, Attitude, and an Anniversary | Lesson 3 -Why Empathy Is Important |  Lesson 4 - Editorializing—Don’t Criticize Your Coworkers | Lesson 5 - The Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde Service Style | Lesson 6 - Editorializing—Speak Less and Get Busy

Chapter 5- Lesson 1 - The Power of Common Courtesy | Lesson 2 - Blame Implication and the “Do It Yourself” Customers | Lesson 3 - Words, Health, and Lifestyle | Lesson 4 - The Power of Words | Lesson 5 - Words and Voice Mail

Chapter 6  Lesson 1 - Clarity, Cell Phones, and Cognitive Skills | Lesson 2 - Clutter and Clarity | Lesson 3 - Verbal Junk | Lesson 4 - Keeping Customer Requests Constructive | Lesson 5 - Personal Congruency and Clarity

Chapter 7- Lesson 1 - Did You Hear That? | Lesson 2 - Short Attention Span | Lesson 3 - Biases and Listening | Lesson 4 - Would You Rather Be Right or Happy? | Lesson 5 - Help Me to Help You | Lesson 6 - Mutual Understanding and the Three F’s | Lesson 7 - Asking Questions | Lesson 8 - The Mutual Benefit | Lesson 9 - Following Up | Lesson 10 - Be Responsible

*Once Ordered - Allow 3-5 Business Days to receive your course login and LMS Activation information via email.

This course offers a "Certificate of Completion" at the end of the course upon request.

The Trademan's Soft Skills Master Class

$269.95 - On Sale $169.95

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