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Samy Tingue
Apr 07, 2022
In General Discussion
Two AC systems 40A each minimum ,are scheduled to be installed on a 3rd floor in a 3 family apartment condos. The service entrance is a single phase 120/240 with a 350 KCMIL. it has a 4 Gang meter socket. Each floor feeds by a 100A and the public 60A The actual total loads on the 100A panel feeding the 3rd floor where the two systems (40A minimum each ) will be installed are the followings: 50A Electric range, 30A electric WH, sixteen 20A single poles and twelve15A single poles feeding lights , receptacles, DW and waste disposal. Does the 100A need to be upgraded to 200A In order to wire those two systems in. Thanks Be safe Be healthy God bless
Samy Tingue
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