Please DO NOT Purchase this 2017 NEC Extension unless you are already a current Fast Trax™ Student. You must provide your name that is registered in our Fast Trax Program. This extension will ONLY apply to an active account set to expire within 30 days. This will not REACTIVE a course that has already expired. If you let your course expire you will be required to purchase a new course.

2017 NEC Fast Trax 1 Year Extension

  • The only individuals who are eligable for this Program Extension are students who are current 2017 NEC Fast Trax Students who's current course has not expired. If you puchase this extension without being a current fast trax student you will NOT receive a refund for your ignorance in not reading this entire statement.

  • All Sales Final - Even if you order in error.

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* NOTICE: NEC or National Electrical Code are Registered Trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association and are used for educational purposes only. We are not associated or affiliated with the NFPA, also known as the National Fire Protection Association. Electrical Code Academy,Inc. doesn't offer codes and standards publications or software on the NEC, NFPA70 or the National Electrical Code. Electrical Code Academy, Inc. provides educational and motivational speaking, education and consulting services on how to use, apply and interpret the National Electrical Code. The use of the phrase Master The NEC is for educational purposes only and in no way represents a relationship with the NFPA.
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