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Updated: Jan 3

One of the most rewarding accomplishments in my career was the day I earned my Journeyman Electrician license. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. However, that actual day was over 32 years ago and little would I know the path that day would set me on in the electrical industry. The next biggest milestone in my career was when I became a Master Electrician a year after I earned my initial Journeyman's license.

When I think back to those days in the mid 80's and how it seemed like I had so much to learn and so few people to teach me all the tips and tricks, I would ask myself what is it going to take for me to become the best electrician I can be if no one is willing to share their knowledge with me. The good news for me was that I had a great mentor in my electrical instructor as well as a brother who was a few years older than me also deep in his electrical journey.

Once I become very successful in the electrical trade, I had formed multiple electrical contracting businesses, cultivated solid growth as a company and educator I realized todays electrical students do not have the same learning path and benefits I had back in the 80's. In fact, today I hear all the time about apprentices and journeyman electricians who feel they are not learning fast enough and their supervisors or master electricians above them will not teach them all the things they feel they need to know to be extremely successful. This is what sparked me to create The Electricians Academy.

After many years of success with Electrical Code Academy, inc., an electrical educational provider of training programs, such as videos, podcasts, and the wildly famous Fast Trax™ Electrical Exam Program, I decided to create The Electricians Academy to help electricians take their knowledge to the NEXT LEVEL and learn those things specific to the electrical trades that some electricians keep as guarded secrets.

So by now I am sure you are asking "what is The Electricians Academy" anyway? Well, let me explain it to you. The Electricians Academy is a online educational university style academy dedicated to teaching the National Electrical Code as well as electrical trade specific knowledge that works hand in hand with your current daily hands-on training in the field. The academy offers Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Motor Controls, Grounding and Bonding and one of the most important concepts Basic Electrical Theory.

Every course that is offered in the Electricians Academy is designed to enhance your understanding of the trade areas specific to your selection. For example, if you choose the Residential Wiring Program you will dig deep into the room by room analysis of residential wiring. You will learn all about circuit layouts, why you do it and the codes associated with those circuits. This is the same for all of our courses as they are not designed as a hands-on program, they enhance your hands-on programs to help reduce that learning curve that takes students decades to learn.

Remember when I said I was blessed to have a great instructor and a brother who could guide me and teach me those tips and tricks. Well, this is what we have done with The Electricians Academy. Let me be your guide, mentor, and teacher as you strive for success in this wonderful and amazing electrical profession.

For more information on The Electricians Academy and enrolling as a student please visit for more details. We are excited to hopefully see you in class soon.

Residential Wiring Program -

Commercial Wiring Program -

Industrial Wiring Program -

Grounding & Bonding Program -

Electricity 101- Fundamentals -

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