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Social Media Experiment - Tik Tok

The fast-paced world of Social Media has everyone scrambling for that instant fame. Being on social media for a few years I was recently, about 6 months ago, introduced to Tik Tok. After reviewing the platform I decided to go ahead and join and see what it is all about remembering that we created "The Sparky Hub", our own social media platform, and our APP as well because of our disdain for the mainstream tyranny known as Social Media. Nevertheless, we jumped in to test the platform.

From the start, we determined this platform was riddled with individuals simply promoting women who openly degraded themselves for money, showing videos of women stretching, crotch shots, and so much other "innuendo" garbage that we knew our time on this Chinese-owned platform was going to be limited. However, the incompetence didn't stop at the half-naked women or the catchphrases "listen" or "R810" of Tik Tok famous individuals. The videos, while entertaining, are a complete black hole of wasted time. There is nothing productive to learn on a 3-minute platform that allows borderline porn.

Nonetheless, we started posting electrical code-related content in terms of seeing what responses we would get from "tiktoktricians". Sadly, the responses were quite shocking. In fact, the level of incorrect replies and openly ignorant and incompetent comments confirmed that the education of the incompetent is impossible on that platform.

So, we decided to stick with it until September 2022 and then made our exit. However, we decided to go out with a bang. The Tik Tok Platform is currently under investigation by congress for its data mining of your electronic device and the contents within. They also mine information for harvesting as well, they open your private data up to wrongful use and deployment. Sadly, we ourselves opened ourselves up to this by simply installing the APP so we figured that might as well go the distance at this point.

As part of our experiment, we challenged Jay "The Basement King", a good friend and student of our CEO to a challenge to get to 1000 subscribers first. Well, we won and then it was to 3,000 and we again won. The next thing you know in a short time we were at 15.3K followers for our unique brand of electrical code information. Well, we knew once we go to 15K that it was time to cut that cord, so we did that on 9/3/2022.

Now the additional truth is that the platform, being vertical rather than horizontal, is not conducive to our video streaming and video production format. We are more of a horizontal view supplier like you watch on Youtube, Facebook, or even on our own platform called Viddle. Time is precious and having to convert things to a platform that is not harmonious with our software production was also part of the experiment.

We are focused on Electricians and we only care to teach and educate electricians. We don't care if the electrician is Republican, Democrat, White, Black, or Green....what we care about is the education. This is why we created to provide that avenue for like-minded individuals. Our social platform, which is also accessible from our free app you can download at, is focused 100% on the electrician and not the other garbage that deviates from the learning moment.

Now, we do have a Facebook account, and we do post video replays and so on via this channel. We also have a youtube channel at for promotional videos and the occasional live stream.

This is where we need your help. We do not advertise our educational products. In other words, we do not run ads in magazines or pay for online advertising other than a few low-level pay-per-click keywords. If you know someone who needs to truly understand the National Electrical Code or is studying for taking the electrical exam and need the best electrical exam preparation course on the planet then please send them to and help us educate them.

Lastly, we apologize to anyone we left hanging at Tik Tok. We just had a hard end date planned and to be totally honest we have always loathed the 3-minute "my money don't giggle giggle" platform so the end was inevitable. We welcome you to and look forward to your conversations.

PS: We are also on TRUTH SOCIAL under @masterthenec

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