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So what is this buzz about a Subscription Plan?

Since 2004 I have been providing free electrical training on the internet and have taught tens of thousands of electrical students the in's and out's of the National Electrical Code®. However, on September 1, 2021 all that comes to an end.

Flashback Moment - I remember sitting in my basement office recording audio files, referred to as Podcasts today, on a desktop computer and uploading via dial-up to an online repository. This repository was nothing more than an online storage location that made it easy to link to from my crude microsoft frontpage created website. The idea was to share as many electrical code related audio files as possible with the world. Little did I know what it would turn out to become.

So why the monthly subscription service for Videos and Podcasts?

Well, rather than drag you "the reader" through a long history of over 30 years of teaching I will just say that there are Educators and then there are wanna-be educators. If you feel I fall in that "wanna-be" class then man I have been doing that "ACT" for over 30 years now and have been quite successful at it. I have helped thousands upon thousands of proud electricians achieve their dreams and desires in this amazing industry and I am proud of every one of them.

Why now? - it just became a time where we wanted to start creating again, new and fresh content on Residential Wiring, Commercial Wiring, Grounding and Bonding, all of which I have helped co-author or editorial reviewed books through Cengage over the past few years. It was time to get paid for the hard work, I have paid my dues to this industry.

With that said, there are TONS of young educators who are focusing on just the NEC, as I have for decades, that can carry the NEC mantle. However, our vision is to create much needed educational content that can be used in vocational settings and by electrical contracting firms to teach the common electrical practices to the industry while adding great illustrations and expert commentary to popular course material that will help students learn the concepts being established by the subject matter.

So on September 1, 2021 all our videos and podcasts that were previously available on Youtube will no longer be available to the general public. We feel that $9.99 a month for access to the old and new content is a fair investment to make. We spend a lot of time and dedication to the material and it is just the right time to bring it all in-house. We hope that you will support this effort and become a loyal monthly subscriber by signing up today.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and be a mentor in your success.

Paul W. Abernathy, CEO & Founder

Electrical Code Academy, Inc.

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