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Updated: Jan 3

When someone says they "promise" you something you should really think about what they are saying, and ponder deeply how they may be setting you up for their short term success and your long term failure. Remember, sometimes a promise is simply a spoken word that is easily forgotten when the promise is no longer convenient. The "promise" may is simply a stepping stone for them and a potential pitfall for your long term prosperity. Don't worry I am not just being a debbie-downer today, I have a method to today's discussion.

In Politics it is well documented that keeping one society down, such as on food stamps or government dependency, served to keep that specific political group in charge of your wants and desired, and sadly your false destiny. Why?, because in order to achieve things you want to achieve they hold things over your head like a carrot. You vote for me and I will give you free this and free that. I hope you know by now that nothing in life is free....NOTHING!

In the electrical field we see the same thing happening in Unions and within large electrical contractors who provide little or poorly planned education and virtually no path to career advancement. For example, many poorly run Unions (not all Unions) will make you promises of better education, more money, and career advancement only to lure you into a long term labor specific mentality. See, they need your labor and if they dangle that carrot you will work towards their desires, dreams, and needs under the false notion that your needs don't really matter. Does this sound familiar to you?

At Electrical Code Academy, Inc. we get calls on a weekly basis from individuals who have been in a Union for 30+ years and are classified as a "journeyman" electrician within the Union. However, they only carry that status within the actual Union, and it is virtually worthless anywhere they may desire to work that is not Union affiliated. So does the title of "Journeyman" actually mean anything....the short answer is NO but we never take the short answer approach to anything in my articles or videos for that matter.

I myself have been led down that road of chasing the corporate "CARROT" a few times with promises after promises that never happened. In fact, everyone that ever offered such a promise always got what they desired but I never got what I actually deserved, which was a promise made is a promise kept. So it led me to the statements I am about to tell you about and why I truly believe what I am about to tell buckle up.

First, the only person who you must always be held accountable to is yourself. You should never take faith in or trust in someone else's promise. Only you hold the gate key your achieving your dreams and desires in life. Second, people lie so always believe in the best possible result while always assuming the worst possible outcome of every promise made to you. Now, that may sound really bad but hear me out.

Let's say you are an electrical student, apprentice, or journeyman electricians and someone promises you something; always analyse what the promise giver is attempting to achieve for their own success. Are they simply wanting your labor value at a reduced rate over an extended period of time while you "learn" the trade? Are they guaranteeing your "education" by enrolling you in an educational program on Day 1 of your employment or do they say you will learn "on the job" what you need to know. If the answer is the latter then BEWARE as you just may find yourself learning nothing.

Remember, following orders and putting a junction box here, pull a cable there, or install a raceway from point A to B is learned physically but it does nothing to teach you the reasons why you are doing it and what went into the decision to do something a certain're just a good soldier for their current needs and desires. Sorry but you need to be selfish about what's in it for your long term needs.

There is a moral to this story folks. The only person that can guarantee your success in life is YOU. Do not rely on others for your success. Electrical Code Academy, inc. created "The Electricians Academy" for this very reason. We witnessed so many helpers, apprentices, and journeyman electricians (and some Masters) who really are not state licensed but held this mythical status within a Union. That false status is worthless in a situation where you need to venture outside of the Union or work in a state that requires State licensure. Helpers, Apprentices, Journeyman, and Master Electricians should never allow anyone to dictate what you learn and how you learn it and always strive to learn more and more about this amazing electrical trade.

If you are struggling in your current position and feel you are just not being educated and really do want to take your career to the next level, remember knowledge is king in this industry. If I have described any of the feelings you may have in your current situation then we recommend checking out The Electricians Academy at . Our programs will enhance your existing hands-on skills with knowledge of the industry in your choice of Residential, Commercial, industrial, Grounding and Bonding, and even Electrical Fundamentals. For more information about finally learning and moving forward and achieving those real dreams versus the false promises then check out the links below.

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