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Electrical Code Academy, Inc. [ECA] is a corporation based in McKinney, Texas specializing in electrical training, electrical education and electrical code development. However, ECA is also backed by one of the leading electrical instructors in the country who understands the electrical business and how to design an electrical business model around an individuals financial, physical and mental limitations while helping them achieve their business ownership dreams.

If you are a seasoned Journeyman Electrician who is already doing electrical work on the side (illegally) , equipped with the proper tools and desiring mentorship to take your game to the next level or simply have that deep desire to own your own electrically related business then we may have the solution for you.

True fact- It is "ILLEGAL" to do any electrical related work in the state of TEXAS without an electrical contractors license, even for family , friends or neighbors. Having a Journeyman or Masters electrician license doesn't equate to a Texas electrical contractors license. The fines are stiff and TDLR is prosecuting electricians who are breaking the law. Remember, people will protect themselves before they protect you when it comes to business and doing work for a client without an electrical contractor license sounds harmless until something goes wrong and the poor electrician just trying to make ends meet gets thrown under the bus for working without a contractors license. We are here to help.

We do not want your "side money", we want to help you get LEGAL!

In the flavor of the infamous "Shark Tank" mentality, Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is proudly offering mentorship programs that help to form a limited liability partnership with licensed electrical entrepreneurs who are currently doing "side work" or currently have the tools and equipment to start their own business but lack the Master Electrician license to achieve this dream. You do not need to be a Master Electrician to own an electrical contracting business BUT you do need a Master Electrician as the designated agent of your company to start your business venture. We can offer that solution by our Limited Partnership Mentorship Program. If you meet the minimum criteria then partnering with us brings training, support, coaching, direction, advice, motivation and the desire to help you GET your Master Electrician License and allow you to eventually take full ownership of YOUR company. Contact us for more details on this program at today.

Minimum Requirements

1) Must be at the minimum a licensed (via TDLR) journeyman electrician without any history of violations and pass monthly drug testing.

2) Must be willing to accept a temporary 49% stake in a newly formed limited partnership for no less than 1 years before the option of 100% ownership transfer is available while going through the mentorship program.

3) Have own electrical tools, vehicle, and other industry related tools to support the proposed business model.

4) At least $5,000 to invest in your future. This covers limited partnership formation, legal fees, insurances, taxes, licensing fees, advertising and marketing, bookkeeping fee's and other associated fees.

5) Must agree to monthly mentorship meetings and live within 100 miles of McKinney, TX.

6) Most Importantly - Agree to achieve your Texas Master Electrician license with assistance of Electrical Code Academy, Inc. within 12-24 months of the limited partnership. Don't Worry - We Can Help!

So you want more information on the limited partnership and how we can become your Master Electrician on record while helping you achieve your dreams then email us at

Electrical Code Academy, Inc.


* NOTICE: NEC or National Electrical Code are Registered Trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association and are used for educational purposes only. We are not associated or affiliated with the NFPA, also known as the National Fire Protection Association. Electrical Code Academy,Inc. doesn't offer codes and standards publications or software on the NEC, NFPA70 or the National Electrical Code. Electrical Code Academy, Inc. provides educational and motivational speaking, education and consulting services on how to use, apply and interpret the National Electrical Code. The use of the phrase Master The NEC is for educational purposes only and in no way represents a relationship with the NFPA.
Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® and CMECP® are Federally Protected Trademark of Electrical Code Academy, Inc.

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