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National Electrical Code®


This website and all of our associated websites are designed to teach Engineers, Electricians, Electrical Apprentices, Electrical Inspectors, Building Officials and quite frankly anyone interested in learning about the National Electrical Code®.

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Electrical Code Seminars


We have established our roots in more than 30 years of electrical education from a Master Electrician level to Engineering practices, as they pertain to the National Electrical Code®. Our mission is to bring easy to understand education to those who want to learn it.


We have opinions, ideas, and concepts that push the envelope of electrical education and press firmly against the electrical establishment. However, we teach basic and advanced electrical code training in order to better the electrical industry.

We are Licensed Continuing Educational Providers in over 20 States and Counting.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. has partnered with to bring 100% online pre-licensing credits, continuing education credits, OSHA safety course credits and extensive Engineering PDH credits- All 100% online and accredited through our partnership with @homeprep.

Pass The Electrical Exam NOW!




National Electrical Code® Exam Prep Program








Do You Need CEU Credits?


Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is proud to partner with MyCEUDepot and @HomePrep to bring you all your online continuing education needs.


While we offer "LIVE" seminars, we are very aware that some folks need education credits right away and we are proud to bring those to you in this strategic partnership.



  • Electrician State License Renewal Classes

  • Plumber State Licensing Renewal Classes

  • Professional Engineer (PE) License PDH Classes

  • OSHA Certification Training- Such as ForkLift Training

  • State Contractor Pre-Licensing Classes-100% Online

  • We even have classes for Auctioneers, CPR Certificates, Alarm Technicians, Babysitters, and even Towing Operators and so many more.

    For more information CLICK HERE!







Join The Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® (CMECP®) Program


If you are a licensed Master Electrician or Equivalent then the Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® is the perfect advanced certification program designed to enhance your business. The CMECP® Designation will be earned by meeting a specific set of "Pre-Certification" requirements, taking online educational courses and passing the final exam and Interview. This certificate of completion designation program will meet the following goals and benefits:




  • Increases your earning potential by standing out in a crowd

  • Elevates your professionalism with on-going education

  • Provides peace of mind to consumers

  • Keeps you up-to-date with electrical codes and industry trends

  • Helps you understand industry-preferred installation practices

  • Gives you a prominent status over other non-CMECP® master electricians who are your competition

  • Allows you to stand out among other applicants when seeking employment because of our rigorous candidate process.

  • Virtual Proctored Exams - No need to leave your house

  • Access to CMECP® Perks Program - Saving you potentially thousands of dollars on things you already buy every day.

  • Hertz  CMECP® Discounts Program 

  • Exclusive CMECP® Lapel Pin 

  • 100% exclusive use of the CMECP® validation seal


For more details on the CMECP® Designation please visit our CMECP® Portal  to submit your application.


Master Electricians you can't afford NOT to become a CMECP® when you see the benefits from the program.




Still having trouble passing the Electrical Exam?​


While other online "Exam Prep" courses simply give you simulation test questions and zero support, we are offering our "GROUNDBREAKING" 90-Day Exam Prep Excellence Course to not only guarantee you pass your electrical exam but that you actually know HOW to use, apply, interpret and implement in National Electrical Code®.  Join the FAST TRAX® Black NEC® Learning System Today - Click HERE for more information.

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