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2017 NEC® Electrical Exam Questions Program

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. introduces our 2017 NEC Electrical Exam Questions Program

The student will have access to 20 Practice (25 Question)  and 3 Timed Exams (100 Question) for a total of  800 Electrical Exam based questions with answers and code sections in both the 2014 and 2017 National Electrical Code.

as a BONUS - we are going to give you 12-month access to the widely acclaimed book by Charles Miller, The Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code® for you to view online. 

This program is very similar to the Fast Trax™ Program except there is no on-going support and you do not have access to the end of unit questions, quizzes and section exams that are graded by Paul Abernathy personally.

This program ONLY gives you access to the Exam Questions and the digital book (BONUS) for 12 Months.

NOTE: There is no support via Electrical Code Academy, Inc. for this program. It is a self=paced program designed to give you access to the electrical questions segment of the Fast Trax™ Program Only. DO NOT CONFUSE it with the Fast Trax™ Exam Prep Program.

Please allow 3-5 Business Days to receive your access code and information.

Electrical Exam Questions Program

Electrical Exam Questions Program


Electrical Code Academy, Inc.


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