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Fast Trax® Orange for Electricians 
2-Year Program - No CEU Credits 

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2-Year Certification Program

Introducing our most AMAZING offer yet. We are offering the Fast Trax® Orange Program that includes Fast Trax® Black, Fast Trax® Red, Fast Trax® Green, and Fast Trax® Blue NEC learning systems. You have the option to purchase the 2017 NEC version or the 2020 NEC version of the Fast Trax® Orange Program. This bundle includes 24 months of access for all of the following CORE Fast Trax® courses we offer, excluding Fast Trax® Purple and Fast Trax® Yellow :

Fast Trax® Orange Programs DO NOT Include Fast Trax® Purple or Fast Trax® Yellow. However, they both are available for optional purchase at a reduced rate for Fast Trax® Orange Students :

Optional* Purchase: Fast Trax® Purple at a reduced rate of $150.00 after the purchase of the Fast Trax® Orange

Optional* Purchase: Fast Trax® Yellow at a reduced rate of $150.00 after the purchase of the Fast Trax® Orange

* Links with discount codes for optional courses will be sent with your Fast Trax® Orange Activation Key

Purchase from our new site - HERE

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NOTICE: This is an ONLINE product and nothing will be physically shipped. However, we will only send your login codes and information to the actual email address used with your Credit Card or PayPal Account. If your email is invalid or not the one you used for your purchase you will not receive your codes. We do not issue refunds so please make sure you are using the correct email address.

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